This is one of the best tools to help you in your appraisal business. Brandon and Kyle have phenomenal customer service and it is such a great software to help in your business. So if you’re not familiar with them check them out if they’re in your area especially for the cost you simply cannot get this kind of help repossess that cost as well. So make sure you check them out real quick.

Did you know you can become an associate member of the Bar? You go to and you become an associate member, which you can then use in your marketing.

This is something you’ll want to do if you’re looking to market and work with attorneys. You can absolutely do this and become an associate member and use any marking this can definitely help you to open doors.

Find all the credit unions in your area. Not all of them have gone the AMC model. This website will pull up every credit union in your area and then you can contact them see if they’re exempting people on their panel.

This website will pull up all the estate planners and councils in the country and many of them will be in your area. And you can find those attorneys that are doing state work to reach out to them on your behalf.

This is an online aggregator where we can put a property in, and it will go onlineand aggregate all the information you can find from all the different sites out there and then give you the breakdown on one page.

You can go into and send email out to Realtors in your area. You can send out a newsletter, a press release, etc. It’s just plug and play, so it’s simple to use and then you send emails out to their list of realtors in your area and it averages out to a penny an email.

With this resource you can search for specific types of lawyers and it will pull up all of those attorneys in your area. Once you find the list of lawyers, you can now market to them via email, upload the list to Facebook for Facebook ads, find them on LinkedIn, etc.

You can go in and get a list of almost every single realtor in your market area. It’s going to cost you anywhere from $50 to a few hundred bucks depending on what you want to get. You can get it by city by county by state and the national list. This is a phenomenal place where you get that list of all the realtors in your area.