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Top 8 Appraiser Tools To Increase the Value of Your Time

Appraisers often play an underrated role when it comes to the real estate industry. The sad truth is that very few people know the importance of appraisals and how they fit into the home buying process or refinancing process.

In between duties which may include preparing reports on the value of a specific property, inspecting and taking pictures, working on data and legal descriptions, how can you effectively manage and increase the value of your time?

Here are the top eight tools which can help you:

1) RescueTime

Due to the overwhelming amount of work you need to face every day, it is easy to get distracted. RescueTime has amazing features which will help you be more organized and focused. It provides tools that will help you understand your daily activities so you can easily set goals, gain perspective, and take action.

2) Hours Time Tracking

The Hours app features real-time tracking which will make it easy for you to organize your tasks by making a list of the things that you need to accomplish, complete with a tracker that you can switch in just a few taps. The recent updates also integrate a team features which transforms Hours from a personal tracking app to a service that teams can use to track, analyze, and report time.

3) LastPass

If you often find yourself beaten because of the number of email accounts, WordPress sites, and corresponding passwords that you have to remember, LastPass will store all of your notes and passwords safely in just one vault.

More than that, it has tools that will guide you towards only the best security practices and will not only help you remember passwords, but also keep track of important information for a simplified life online.

4) EverNote

The EverNote app is premised on allowing people to stay organized across different platforms. It allows users to store notes offline, scan business cards, annotate PDFs, and locate documents. It is perfect for individuals who want to work and live smarter.

5) ANow

ANow is a tool especially designed to simplify the manual processes and job logs that are almost always associated with appraisals. It is a smart and efficient way to manage your business, as it helps you keep track of all the appraisals you do online and store all of the pertinent data in just one roof. In this way, you can easily track revenue trends and order volume, in turn helping you manage your growth, save time, and assign reports to other members of the team.

6) CamCard

CamCard is an app that enables you to sync, manage, and scan business cards. In this way, all the contact information that you need can be accurately and quickly saved to your mobile device.

Aside from that, when you meet new people at business social occasions like seminars, tradeshows and meetings, you can easily and securely trade business information by going paperless through CamCard.

7) SweetProcess

If you have been struggling about getting repetitive tasks out of your head and documenting them, then SweetProcess is definitely for you. It gives you the systemization that you need to scale your business by allowing you to create procedures, share it with your team (or publish it to the world), and get things done.

8) Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail lets users take control of when to receive and send emails. It is a productivity tool which helps you follow up reminders, clear out travel confirmation emails, and communicate with people from different time zones.

There is a plethora of digital services and apps out there that can help you reclaim and keep your organizational mojo. Because options have turned out to be overwhelming, this whittled down list of the top eight apps has been found to be superior and easy to use than their competitors.

As a real estate appraiser, a good way to assess which one to install would be considering your weak suit and then getting the one which promises to help you.

Your next step is to to choose ONE tool and go implement it and start using it.

Want to discuss any of the tools above?

Or is there a tool you’ve used for your appraisal business that has saved you a lot of time?

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Now go implement and start saving some time today!